Avengers 4 Has Another Jim Starlin-Created Character

Jim Starlin participated in a Q&A session at Puerto Rico Comic Con over the weekend where he reportedly revealed that another one of his characters will show up in Avengers 4. Starlin is a major force in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having created Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, and Gamora to name a few. Thanos is the big one here, recently stealing the show in Infinity War and setting up the events of Avengers 4 after turning the MCU upside down. But what other character of Jim Starlin’s will be introduced in Avengers 4?

There’s a lot going on in Infinity War with a lot of characters, with more on the way for Avengers 4. As previously stated, Jim Starlin was in Puerto Rico over the weekend where he revealed that he had visited the set of Avengers 4. Additionally, he reportedly let it slip that another one of his creations is going to make it into the final movie of phase 3 of the MCU. Sadly, there is no video or even transcript of this reveal, so we’ll have to take it as rumor for the time being. This has now led to a ton of speculation about who this character could be. Starlin created Adam Warlock, but both the Russo Brothers and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn maintain that the character will not be in Avengers 4.

Jim Starlin also created Lady Death, but the Russo Brothers have also shot down that possibility over the past several months. Thanos’ father A’lars is another possibility, especially after he was mentioned by the Red Skull in Infinity War. The Russo Brothers originally intended to have Thanos’ backstory included in Infinity War, but in the end, it disrupted the flow of the film, so it was cut. So, some footage of A’Lars could already exist and be used for flashback or time travel purposes in Avengers 4.

Thanos’ brother Eros, aka Starfox, and his grandfather Kronos were both created by Jim Starlin and could realistically be used in Avengers 4. Going back to Adam Warlock, the Russo Brothers could bring in Pip the Troll as another way to introduce Warlock in the future. However, it will be tricky to introduce Warlock since his role from the comics was pretty much played by Doctor Strange in Infinity War. There are a few other possibilities, but it seems that whomever the character will be a pretty small part of Avengers 4.

There’s already a huge cast assembled for Avengers 4, so we could be seeing a small cameo, like Red Skull in Infinity War. Plus, Jim Starlin probably would not have let out such a big secret at a Comic Con. Regardless, this is still very exciting news that gives hardcore MCU devotees something else to speculate about while we wait a year for Avengers 4 to hit theaters. The original report about Jim Starlin talking about Avengers 4 comes to us courtesy of Super Bro Movies.