Deadpool 2 director says an extended cut is coming our way

DEADPOOL 2 is officially in theaters now and fans agree it’s just as depraved and hilariously grotesque as the last movie. So many crass jokes and violent bits were crammed in that you can hardly believe the filmmakers had space for it all. But don’t worry, they have plenty more to cram in, and in order to fit it all the movie will be getting an extended cut, as confirmed by director David Leitch.

Leitch was speaking with CinemaBlend at a junket recently when he revealed that there is indeed an extended cut of DP2 in the works and that he’s currently working with writers Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese and Ryan Reynolds (who also stars) on figuring out what goes in.

There’s an extended cut. And I think that they may want to spin that out as a special thing, but right now I’m sort of… we’re taking our time, and it’s going back to the ‘director cut,’ and then sort of collaborating with Ryan [Reynolds], Rhett [Reese], and Paul [Wernick], and making sure we’re all getting all the jokes we want – to have it be fun and our sort of fun collaboration

The director then revealed he plans for the extended cut to come in at about two hours and 12 minutes, with those final minutes adding to the current two-hour runtime. Leitch mentioned a “Director’s Cut” in the quote, in which he’s referring to a longer cut of the movie that was put together after production by Leitch to show Reynolds and other producers how everything was coming together.

As for what will go in the cut, the director confirmed a few details, including a talked-about scene where Deadpool (Reynolds) tries to commit suicide in a variety of hilarious ways, as well as more Domino (Zazie Beetz).

The suicide scene is in there, and there’s a scene in the mansion in the kitchen over breakfast. There’s some extra Domino stuff. There’s a lot of fun little bits, and then a lot of alts! We’re looking for every place we can put an alt.

Then Wernick and Reese spilled some goods about a past scene, saying there was more stuff with the X-Men, like a certain bit involving some “soap.”

Rhett Reese: We had a scene in the kitchen in the X Mansion, which is one of our favorites… You see Deadpool say ‘ejaculated into a soap dispenser a hero,’ and Colossus goes (smells fingers). There’s an earlier scene where they’re in the kitchen and Colossus is trying to get the soap dispenser to work. And he’s like, ‘This won’t work.’ And Deadpool’s like, ‘Just give it a few extra pumps. I just filled it.’

Paul Wernick: It would have made that joke so much funnier.

Rhett Reese: It would have been better. But it still works. People still get it because they see Colossus [sniff his fingers].

Paul Wernick: I’m telling you, when we were coming up with that joke we were all in L.A. at Ryan’s hotel where he was staying, and we were kicking around that joke, and my God we were laughing so hard. That’s the sign that we’re like, ‘Okay, we just stumbled onto something.

That’s probably just the start, and there’s plenty to speculate over as to what will go in given all we know got cut. There’s a dark end-credits scene that was discussed involving Deadpool killing baby Hitler, as well as a joke about Disney that Reynolds said was cut. The director and writers are pretty confident as to what all will make the cut, and of course, it’s all going to be hilarious. Plus, there will surely be some deleted scenes, so chances are high we will see all the depravity they had in store for us. 

DEADPOOL 2 is in theaters now.