Johnny Knoxville got hurt more on Action Point than any film he’s done

Johnny Knoxville has made a career out of putting his body on the line for our amusement. He’s gone through immense pain and gotten serious injuries across his time on the JACKASS show, the three movies and even a bit in the spinoff, BAD GRANDPA. Now he’s back at it again in the original movie ACTION POINT, and this time he walked away with the most injuries yet. Show business!

Knoxville sat down with David Edelstein of New York magazine at Vulture Festival recently to talk ACTION POINT, and during their conversation, the actor talked about the litany of injuries he experienced. This even included partially popping his eye out of its socket while blowing his nose.

I got hurt more on this film than any film I’ve ever done. I got four concussions, broke my wrist, busted my knee, got stitches, whiplash, uh, lost two and half teeth. Once I got home from the emergency room after one bad concussion … I had blood in my nose so I blew my nose and when I did, my left eye popped out of the socket. They say I didn’t break it, it disappeared on impact, so when I was blowing my nose I was blowing air around my eyeball pushing it out.

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You can watch the trailer above to witness the kinds of stunts Knoxville did in the film, some of which likely resulting in the aforementioned scrapes. The movie is about an owner of an amusement park who abandons all safety regulations and procedures in the hopes of bringing back customers in search of no-holds-barred thrills. When you get on a catapult you can expect to lose a few teeth, but the joy you gain sort of makes up for it.

We all owe it to Knoxville to see ACTION POINT when it arrives June 1, if so his injuries didn’t happen in vain. Have you no honor!?

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