Awfully Good Movies: Son of the Mask (Video)

Son of the Mask (2005)

DIRECTOR: Lawrence Guterman          CAST: Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Bob Hoskins

With Ryan Reynolds in DEADPOOL 2 still kicking box-office ass, we here at Awfully Good Movies want to remind you viewers out there about another anarchic comedic superhero for adults who ended up going in the wrong direction with his sequel: SON OF THE MASK! Though the original film based on the Dark Horse comic book certainly cut back on the comic’s bloody carnage, it more than made up for it with the comedic ingenuity of Jim Carrey as the meek pipsqueak who became a wisecracking cartoon superhero with the help of a magic mask. But instead of putting the green latex back on, Jim Carrey turned down a MASK sequel and left New Line Cinema to instead chase a new creative direction. After all, this Jamie Kennedy is hot among the kids, so let’s have him play an up-and-coming cartoonist who comes across the mask and happens to…you know…do the deed with his wife, which results in a baby boy…a souless, deadeyed, digitally animated baby boy with the magical powers of Loki born into his genetic makeup. In fact, let’s just center the sequel around this CGI baby instead of that Jamie Kennedy guy, cause I just saw the box office returns for MALIBU’S MOST WANTED and we’re gonna have to hedge our bets. Yep, a CGI baby without the capacity to say anything that could be funny and who looks faker than a Robert Zemeckis remake of THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN–that is gonna be the glue holding this renovated franchise together and bringing in the box office bucks. But let us not forget Loki himself as played by the esteemed stage actor Alan Cumming, best known for his layered portrayal of the Great Gazoo in the FLINTSTONES prequel, as well as Bob Hoskins tarnishing the part of his career that didn’t already get tarnished by that shitty Mario movie. And did we mention the cute dog who wears the mask? That was funny from the first movie…for 5 minutes. But here, we got 95 minutes of time to fill, and the filmmakers have got plenty of horrifically cheap CGI homages to classic LOONEY TUNES gags that can fill the time. Somebody stop me! No, please, someone stop me right now from having to watch this movie…before it reaches the outside world…BEFORE IT KILLS AGAIN.

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