Infinity War Director Finally Answers Question That’s Been Bothering Fans

Every since audiences first laid their eyes on the entirety of Avengers: Infinity War, they’ve had multiple questions. Some of which directors Joe and Anthony Russo have answered, and even more that they’ve completely ignored. In a new interview, Anthony Russo finally gave a definitive answer to something that has been bothering quite a few fans.

No, he didn’t reveal where Thanos went after snapping his fingers. Or what exactly happened to the Infinity Gauntlet. And we may never fully understand why Doctor Strange ultimately gave up the Time Stone. But we do have an answer for why all the clothes disappeared along with those that turned to dust at the end of the movie.

Some have compared Infinity War to the HBO series The Leftovers. And then there’s the two movie adaptations of Left Behind, which deal with the Rapture. In those movies, while the people disappeared, their clothes stuck around in the earthly realm. Not so when it comes to the latest Avengers sequel. And some fans have wondered why the clothes evaporated along with the human flesh. Co-director Anthony Russo offers this as an explanation, claiming that the superhero suits were ‘part of their identity’.

“Whatever was elemental to somebody’s presence went with them.”

So there you have it. The clothes make the man, and the clothes go with the man when Thanos snaps his fingers. This same idea was a sticking point when it came to Luke Skywalker’s demise in The Last Jedi, with many fans wondering how Luke took his metal hand into the next realm of existence. Though that, too, is a Disney movie, there really isn’t an answer for that one yet.

It’s unclear if having the clothes disappear along with the person wearing them was something that was discussed in detail by the Russo brothers and their screenwriting team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, or if this was a decision that was made in the editing room as the VFX came together, giving us that shocking ending. The decision to have everything disappear could have simply been a visual decision with Anthony only coming up with an explanation after facing the question many times by fans.

When it comes down to it, this question isn’t one of the most pressing in terms of what happens in Infinity War. And there are plenty of other questions to ponder before the release of Avengers 4 next May. Will any of these questions be answered before then? That’s hard to tell. The Russo brothers have been quite methodical in the way they’ve peeled back their movie, revealing one layer at a time.

We still don’t even know what Avengers 4 is going to be called. We’ll have to wait awhile longer before that secret is out of the bag. Many believe the title will be announced at this year’s Comic Con, despite Marvel already confirming that they won’t have a Hall H presence this year. It’s quite possible that they’ll make the announcement right before DC’s big movie panel, overshadowing whatever they have to tell fans. This latest Infinity War news comes from Huffington Post.