Zack Snyder confirms adaptation of The Fountainhead will be his next project

After working on movies for DC like MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, and JUSTICE LEAGUE Zack Snyder seems to be out of the superhero game on onto different projects. But what will the director do next? Worry no more, because Snyder has confirmed he’s taking on some serious material by adapting Ayn Rand’s classic novel, “The Fountainhead.”

Snyder told a fan on the social media site Vero (via Deadline) that an adaptation of the 1943 novel would be his next project, possibly contradicting news that the war movie THE LAST PHOTOGRAPH would be his next film.

Back in 2016, he said that both films were on his docket, saying PHOTOGRAPH is “a small, sort of weird project about a war photogra­pher in Afghanistan,” while “Fountainhead” is “a thesis on the creative process and what it is to create something.” He also went on to say that Warner Bros. owns the right to the Rand’s script and that he has been working on that.

Warner Bros. released a film version of the movie starring Gary Cooper in 1949, with Rand writing the script. The most recent adaptation of Rand’s works was the ATLAS SHRUGGED trilogy, all of which were critical and financial disasters we should all forget about. 

Snyder seems to be working on both movies, but I can see “Fountainhead” being his next film given the smaller size of it. After years of insane blockbusters doing something smaller sounds like a better angle to take. Snyder fans are probably wishing he gets to work on his “Snyder Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE, but hey, “Fountainhead” is probably just as good. 

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