Locke & Key lives once again as Netflix picks up the series

Fans of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s Locke & Key comic-book series can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as the long-in-development series will finally be coming to the small screen. Phew. After Hulu ordered a pilot which was directed by Andy Muschietti (IT) from a script by Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Joe Hill, the streaming service later passed on the pilot and the race was on to find the series a new home. Thankfully it’s found one, as Netflix is in final negotiations to bring Locke & Key back to life.

The horror/fantasy series revolves around three siblings who move into their ancestral home after the gruesome murder of their father and find that the house has magical keys which give them a variety of powers, but little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys and will stop at nothing to acquire them. When the pilot was first presented to Hulu executives, several were apparently keen to pick up the drama, but new Hulu CEO Randy Freer didn’t care for it, especially after Hulu had paid to keep the writers’ room open long after work was completed on the pilot. However, once Netflix gets the series up and running, they won’t be using the Hulu pilot as sources say that Carlton Cuse and Joe Hill will be redeveloping the project with a new cast and new director as Andy Muschietti is currently hard at work on IT: CHAPTER TWO.

This marks a (hopefully) happy ending for the project, which has been in development for close to a decade. There have been several attempts at bringing Locke & Key to life during that time, including a pilot for Fox in 2011 which starred Miranda Otto, Sarah Bolger, and Nick Stahl, and a feature-film for Universal Pictures. Neither adaptation succeeded. Best to keep your fingers crossed, just in case.

Are you happy that Locke & Key finally has a home at Netflix?

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