Columbia Records to partner with HBO for a Game of Thrones album

According to the raven that just landed on my window sill, Columbia Records and HBO are partnering for the release of an officially licensed album of music inspired by GAME OF THRONES. The album will arrive as an accompaniment to the highly-anticipated final season of the award-winning swords and sorcery drama, set to premiere in 2019.

The soundtrack will feature songs inspired by the hit series and will showcase artists from diverse musical genres. Viewed in more than 170 countries and hailed as a global and social media phenomenon, Game of Thrones has countless music and entertainment stars among its fan base, many of whom regularly share their love for the epic series on social media.

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Oh boy. At first, I thought this was going to be an instrumental collection, though the press release makes it sound as if we’ll be hearing some GAME OF THRONES-inspired bangers from several chart-topping artists. Do you think Ed Sheeran will appear on the collection? According to reports, Jay Z once purchased a dragon’s egg for Beyoncé, so do this mean we can look forward to a Westeros rap? What about Kanye’s Red Wedding? We’ll have to wait until we get closer to the album’s release to know for certain, though I would imagine that plenty of artists would be willing to contribute.

Do you have a favorite song or orchestral piece hailing from HBO’s GAME OF THRONES? My favorite piece of music inspired by the show is the cat version of the GAME OF THRONES theme song. It’s really catchy, and I sing it to my cat all the time. He loves it.

The final season of HBO’s GAME OF THORNES is scheduled for a 2019 release.

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