New Halloween Teasers Reveals First Footage Ahead of Tomorrow’s Trailer

The first footage from the new Halloween movie is here. Blumhouse has been hyping up the arrival of the movie’s first trailer all week and has been giving us little bits to chew on every day to help tide is over, including releasing the first handful of official photos. Now, they’ve released a brief trailer teaser, but it brings with it the first actual footage and the long-awaited return of Michael Myers alongside Laurie Strode, who are going toe-to-toe here in what might be the rematch of the century. Ring the bell, ref. Let them fight.

Studios began releasing these brief teasers for trailers a handful of years ago and they’ve since become common practice for big movies. Love it or hate it, this is just part of the life cycle of a movie now. This trailer teaser is a mere ten seconds long, but it packs in an awful lot. There are shots of Michael Myers in his fancy (well, maybe not so fancy) new mask. We see Laurie readying herself to do battle with the masked killer and not just trembling in fear awaiting his eventual arrival. There’s Myers walking around in broad daylight and a whole lot of intriguing shots with very little context.

Blumhouse has a pretty fantastic track record when it comes to horror movies and have made quite the name for themselves over the last handful of years. They are generally in the business of creating franchises, such as The Purge, Insidious and Paranormal Activity. But this is the first time that they are trying their hands at a pre-existing franchise and it’s quite arguably the most iconic slasher franchise, if not the most iconic horror franchise, in history. No pressure.

John Carpenter first unleashed Halloween on audiences in 1978. This new take will be coming out almost exactly 40 years later. Carpenter isn’t directing this time around, but he is involved as an executive producer and is providing the score. David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) directs from a script he co-wrote with Danny McBride. Instead of somehow trying to find a way to shoehorn this movie into the messy mythology established in the many sequels over the years, this movie is a reboot of sorts and is throwing out virtually everything. It will serve as a direct sequel to the original. That means Laurie and Michael are no longer related. Just enemies out for blood.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the franchise for the first time since her unceremonious demise in Halloween: Resurrection. Judy Greer is on board as Strode’s daughter and Nick Castle, the original Shape actor who brought Michael Myers to life all those years ago, returns as well. Halloween is set to arrive in theaters on October 19. Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for the first full trailer. In the meantime, check out the first footage in the trailer teaser, courtesy of the Halloween Movie Twitter account, for yourself below.