Jeremy Renner Says Avengers 4 Is Awesome

Jeremy Renner was not present in any of the promotional material for Infinity War and fans began to fear the worst. And then the movie came out and Hawkeye was nowhere to be seen and Marvel Cinematic Universe devotes were pretty angry. Fans were so angry that some even sent death threats to the Russo Brothers, according to Renner. However, Clint Barton is confirmed for Avengers 4, and Jeremy Renner promises that it’s going to be awesome.

Jeremy Renner is currently out promoting Tag and he’s obviously getting a lot of questions about Infinity War and Avengers 4. As per usual with any MCU star, they’re not able to say much, but Renner promises that there’s going to be some “stuff to come.” The Hawkeye actor also mentioned that fans of the last film are definitely going to enjoy the new one. He explains.

“Everybody’s got to bite their tongue. But if you like Infinity War, there’s some stuff to come. What I do know is it’s going to be awesome.”

Additionally, Jeremy Renner discussed the outpouring of fan support that he received during the Infinity War circus. However, it seems that some of the more obsessive MCU devotees were a little crazy about the absence of Hawkeye in the movie. While Renner finds it flattering, he did admit that it was a little “intense.” He had this to say.

“It’s a nice feeling, I suppose. I think the Russo brothers got way too many death threats. I’m like, Wow, dude, that’s intense. I’m sorry!”

While Jeremy Renner couldn’t go into specifics about Avengers 4, it has been heavily rumored that he will have a large role to play this time around. There have even been rumors about Phase 4 of the MCU possibly including a Hawkeye standalone movie. Renner obviously did not comment on that aspect either. But as far as Avengers 4 is concerned, it appears that Renner could be playing Ronin this time around. Behind-the-scenes pictures from the Atlanta set hint at the character making the transition. Again, this has not been confirmed at this point in time.

Last week, some Avengers 4 concept art leaked that featured the new Avengers crew after the events of Infinity War and it featured Jeremey Renner’s Hawkeye right up front along with Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, who was also left out of the last film. The concept art has not been officially confirmed, but it is rumored to make its debut at CineEurope this week, which might even reveal the official title for the movie as well. While most of the story for Avengers 4 is being kept under wraps, the Russo Brothers have teased an alternate timeline, permanent deaths, and warning fans that not everything is as easy as some of the theories have made it sound. While we wait for more news, you can read more of the interview with Jeremy Renner over at USA Today.