First Shazam Trailer to Strike Down at Comic-Con?

The upcoming DC movie Shazam! is currently slated to release in April 2019, but no promotional work has been released just yet for the movie. Fortunately, DC fans may get their first glimpse of the movie next month at San Diego Comic Con.

James Wan, who is directing Aquaman, which releases in December, revealed that the first trailer for his aquatic superhero movie will also debut at San Diego Comic Con. DC tends to try to release more than one trailer at San Diego Comic Con every year, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a Shazam! trailer release as well. DC has made a tradition of making a huge splash at San Diego Comic Con every year, with a number of huge announcements, in addition to the trailers. Considering that Marvel Studios will be absent from the Comic Con this year, there will certainly be a gap that DC will most likely try to fill. DC’s numerous trailer releases slated this year will hopefully help them stand out for yet another year.

The report of the Shazam! trailer releasing at this year’s San Diego Comic Con came from The Splash Report’s Kellvin Chavez, who tweeted the news. Here’s what he had to say.

“Just got word that the #Shazam trailer will make its debut at this year’s #SDCC”

Shazam! will tell the story of a young boy who is granted the superpower to turn into Shazam, an incredibly powerful superhero, at will. Actor Zachary Levi, best known for Tangled, Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok, will star as Shazam himself. The movie finished production recently, and is currently in its post-production stages, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a trailer release soon.

Technically, a trailer at San Diego Comic Con would not be our first look at Shazam!, as actor Zachary Levi has already shared some photos of himself in the Shazam costume, which genuinely looked rather comic book accurate. However, the images shared by Levi weren’t official images from Warner Bros. or DC, so the reported trailer would be the first official look at Shazam!.

One of the most ironic parts about Shazam! is how close it is to the release of Marvel’s Captain Marvel movie. In the comics, Shazam also goes by the name of Captain Marvel, making it one of the few names that both Marvel and DC have the rights to in one confusing licensing fiasco. Captain Marvel releases in March of 2019, and Shazam! releases in April, which means that there are technically going to be two movies about superheroes named Captain Marvel releasing within about a month of each other.

All in all, it will be great to get the first look at Shazam! at San Diego Comic Con next year, as Kellvin Chavez reported. Based on the released set pictures of the movie, Shazam! may be unlike anything else we have ever seen come out of the DCEU. It will hopefully provide a brighter tone, and add new elements to the hit-and-miss franchise. Shazam! will release in theaters on April 5, 2019.