DC Universe streaming service to launch into action with multi-show plan

DC comic fans are about to lose themselves to some truly exciting news. The launch lineup for DC Universe – a new subscription-based digital service set to feature and stream original live action and animated series – is now official! When DC sets its boldest heroes and vilest villains loose on the network, Warner Bros. Television will present TITANS as their opening salvo, later this year. Scheduled to make their 2019 debut are the live-action television shows SWAMP THING and DOOM PATROL, with the animated series offerings YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS and HARLEY QUINN to follow.

Here’s the launch trailer for the upcoming service:

Here’s the breakdown for the live-action series to be featured on DC Universe:

TITANS follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging. This gritty take on the classic Titans franchise finds Dick Grayson and a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness named Rachel Roth as they get embroiled in a conspiracy. They’re joined by Starfire and Beast Boy to become a surrogate family and team.

DOOM PATROL is a reimagining of one of DC’s strangest group of outcasts: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder they’re called into action by none other than the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg. These rejects band together on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC universe.

SWAMP THING is a scary love story following Abby Arcane as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana but soon discovers that the swamp holds mystical and terrifying secrets.

Below you’ll find the details for the upcoming streaming service’s animated programs:

YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS features the return of the fan favorite animated series with a huge cast of DC’s most iconic young superheroes – plus brand-new characters, many of whom are just discovering their unique meta-powers and special abilities. Set against the backdrop of a rich, deep world that touches all corners of the DC universe, the season focuses on meta–trafficking, and an intergalactic arms race for control of these super–powered youths.

HARLEY QUINN tracks the lovable, raucous villain with a fractured psyche after she breaks up with The Joker and tries to make it on her own to become Gotham’s main queen-pin.

When DC Universe brandishes a chunk of kryptonite at your cable bill the service will offer much more than original programming. Alongside the series we’ve already discussed, a respectable library featuring some of DC’s most popular films will also make its way onto the streamer. The deal includes all four original Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve in addition to remastered TV shows such as BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and the original WONDER WOMAN series starring Linda Carter. The service will also give subscribers the opportunity to stream animated films such as JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX, GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT and WONDER WOMAN. Content on the service will rotate with time. 

If all of that isn’t enough to whet your whistle, DC Universe will also feature a “Watch-Read-Connect-Explore-Win-Shop” application. This aspect of the service will give customers access to a curated library of DC comic books set to include both classic and vintage releases. To help those who are new to comics navigate DC’s vast landscape of printed entertainment, subscribers will also be given the ability to connect with other DC fans as well as a news source & encyclopedia for everything you need to know in the DC pantheon. Lastly, the service will also host sweepstakes, contests, and will offer exclusive merchandise.

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Wow! They’re really going for it with this initiative, huh? DC Universe is scheduled to go live later this fall but fans can sign up for an opportunity to join up early in August for the beta version which is designed to give members a chance to test drive the new digital experience and provide constructive feedback before it reaches the public.

Dear DC Universe, you can just shut up and take my money, okay? I want those DOOM PATROL and SWAMP THING shows, like right now. Oh, and you’re bringing back YOUNG JUSTICE and giving Harley her own animated show, too? You know what? Why don’t I just give my credit card information and we’ll keep that line open, yeah?

What shows from the DC Universe lineup are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments section below.