John Malkovich to star opposite Jude Law for HBO’s The New Pope follow-up

Holy smokes! It’s been  more than a year since HBO announced it’s follow-up to THE YOUNG POPE, a series centered around a staunchly conservative holy-roller whose self-appointed mission appears to be turning the Vatican on its head. Now, HBO and Sky have announced THE NEW POPE, a sequel season to the 10-part series starring Jude LawDiane Keaton, Silvio Orlando and James Cromwell.

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When production on the new season begins in November in Italy, John Malkovich (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, RED) will star opposite Jude Law for more holier than thou drama, deception, and denouncing of sin. Appointed to pen the new season are THE YOUNG POPE scribes Paolo Sorrentino, Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises, who are keeping the plot under wraps at this time. Hoping to bring the faithful back to church for another sermon are producers Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani for Wildside in co-production with Mediapro. Meanwhile, FremantleMedia International will oversee the program’s international distribution.

Go in peace, gentle readers, and be sure to tune into THE NEW POPE when you hear those church bells ring.

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