Is Galactus the Final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg?

It looks like a Marvel Cinematic Universe super fan may have finally uncovered James Gunn’s last Easter Egg in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and it involves the origin story of Galactus. The hunt for the final Easter Egg has been going on for years, with Gunn telling fans that they have gotten very close, but still have not uncovered the entire mystery. With that being said, this new fan theory seems to be the strongest discovery so far and it is pretty obvious, if you’re a fan of the comics and the movie.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg fan theory starts off with the Collector. When the Collector is showing Peter Quill the origin of the Infinity Stones with a video. He places particular attention to the Power Stone. Images flash across the screens and features a planet that could be Taa, which is the home of Galan in Marvel Comics. Galan later evolves into Galactus following the Big Bang after merging with the Sentience of the Universe. It’s a pretty bold claim, but there is some evidence to back it up.

First, the new theory states that the face shown in the Collector’s history lesson matches with the Sentience of the Universe from the comics. The Sentience of the Universe face has a purple hue and the same expression in Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally, there’s the Celestial Beings destroying the planets with staffs that look an awful lot like Galactus’ helmet. Finally, Galan is saved by a voice in the comics and so is Peter Quill when Gamora calls to him. While this theory is pretty detailed, Marvel Studios does not have the rights to Galactus just yet, which means this would be an Easter Egg for diehard fans of the comics.

In addition to the final Easter Egg theory from Guardians of the Galaxy, the super fan also shows off some other potential smaller secrets that might be stretching it a bit. There’s references to the Builders on the Collector’s computer screen, a version of Yondu’s ship made to look like a Bullet Bill from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros., a hologram that might resemble Nova’s face, and finally another hologram that loosely looks like a profile of Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige.

While this final Easter Egg theory for Guardians of the Galaxy is well researched and put together, James Gunn has yet to comment on it. The director is usually pretty quick to shoot down false theories, so hopefully he hops on social media soon to either debunk or confirm that this is the final Easter Egg that fans have been hunting for since 2014. Gunn has created quite the relationship with MCU fans and has a lot of fun packing in a lot of little Easter Eggs for fans to keep watching and the movies and find. You can watch a detailed description of the fan theory below, thanks to Second Son’s YouTube channel.

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