New Symbiote Photo Arrives with More Venom Movie Details

Sony’s Venom has released two new images from the movie, one featuring Eddie Brock and the other featuring a new look at the Symbiote. Additionally, Tom Hardy took some time to discuss why he took on the role, which may or may not have to do with how cool the Symbiote looks. The first teaser trailer for Venom was released earlier this year and Marvel fans were not too pleased with what they saw. However, a new trailer along with some interesting TV spots have helped ramp up the excitement.

When asked about why he wanted to take on the Venom role, Tom Hardy reveals that it was all down to the look. He really doesn’t care about what anybody thinks, noting that the character has the coolest look out of any of the other Marvel characters, which is arguable. He also says that he likes the “brazen swagger” of the character. Hardy explains.

“As far as Marvel characters, I have to say for me, Venom looks the coolest. That sounds a bit shallow! But I appreciate that he has a kind of brazen swagger and a zero foxtrot attitude.”

Tom Hardy’s son is a massive fan of the Venom character and the comics, so he was able to help his dad learn about the Marvel Comics history. Another reason that Hardy wanted to take on the role is because he sees a “tragic clown” aspect to the Eddie Brock character. Hardy hints that Brock will soon come to enjoy his transformation after not wanting it in the beginning. He had this to say.

“There’s a tragic clown element, which I find funny and is harmonious with some of the work that I like to do. There’s something funny about the circumstances of having a gift but it’s a tragic gift. It’s a superpower you don’t really want, but at the same time, you love it. It makes you feel special. He’s a reluctant hero and an anti-hero.”

Venom director Ruben Fleischer compared the characters to a werewolf movie. He says, “We talked a lot about a werewolf and what it is when you get infected or bit by a werewolf,” which makes sense since we’re seeing the transformation take place, just like a werewolf or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-type of situation. Ultimately, Fleischer says that the story is about two people that have to work together in a “symbiotic relationship.” He says.

“Usually a human gets imbued with powers or an alien comes from outer space and has to figure out how to live on our Earth. But this is really about a relationship between two people who have to work together to create this hybrid symbiotic relationship.”

Tom Hardy went on to talk about trying to find the right voices for Eddie Brock and Venom for the movie, stating that he thought of a Ren and Stimpy situation. Though he’s kidding, Hardy talked about separating the voices to give distinct changes. He explains.

“It’s a bit like Ren and Stimpy, you know? They have different sounds. I always saw Venom as sounding like a James Brown lounge lizard, and Eddie Brock is kind of… I don’t know, an everyday kind of guy. But he’s inherited this massive ego, this beast.”

Eddie Brock’s voice is certainly a lot different from the voice of Venom as evidenced by the promotional material. We’re going to see a new kind of hero when Venom hits theaters on October 5th. You can check out the new images from the movie below, provided by Entertainment Weekly.