Avengers 4 Fan Theory Knows How Hulk Makes His Comeback?

Fan theories are different from story leaks, in that fan theories are solely being made up by some bored I.T. technician with too much time on his hands at work. But sometimes a fan theory comes along that makes sense and captures the imagination of the fan community at larger. Aside from Star Wars, there are no bigger or better fan theories than those from Avengers 4. Today, Reddit has unleashed a doozie.

Marvel fan wheresthetrigger123 has a new theory that has been 81% upvoted on Reddit, so it’s gaining some traction. It suggests Thanos will convince Bruce Banner that Black Widow is close to death’s edge. And this urges the green Goliath out of hiding. Says WherestheTrigger.

“Thanos will put Black Widow’s life in danger which will get Bruce really angry but still not Hulk out. Then she will eventually die which will finally unleash the Hulk, but plot twist! It’s just a reality gem trick [and] Widow isn’t actually dead, Thanos just wanted to unleash the Hulk like Loki did in The Avengers but this time he will Mind Control Hulk to help him fight the Avengers.”

While many people are into this theory, which makes sense but probably won’t come to fruition, some are agreeing to disagree with it. Another theorist who seems worried that he may be overshadowed, chimed in with his own thoughts. Reddit user Whitluck says this.

“I actually think vice versa, from how easily Thanos dispatched the Hulk in Infinity War. He will not see him as a threat at all and might simply be killing Black Widow as an example to other Avenger aggressors. Of course, this will enrage and traumatize Banner/Hulk to the point where they both feel absolute fury and reach a strength which Thanos could never have anticipated, leading to a brutal beating that comes close to ending Thanos’s motives completely. Ultimately fulfilling the traditional comic lore of why Thanos considers The Hulk one of the few beings he never wishes to confront directly.”

So far, the plot of Avengers 4 hasn’t been leaked. We know that it connects to Ant-Man and the Wasp, with that movie’s post-credit scene stranding Scott Lang in the Quantum Realm. There is heavy speculation that time travel will be used throughout the movie. And however this plays out, official leaked concept art confirms that Hulk will Hulkout, and he’ll be wearing a new spandex uniform while doing it.

As fans all know, Bruce Banner had trouble Hulking out in Infinity War. He just couldn’t quite get there, as Hulk didn’t want to come out of hiding after being pummeled by Thanos at he beginning of the movie. This led to Bruce Banner taking the Hulk Buster armor out for a spin during the big climax.

While this theory won’t be confirmed until the movie reaches theaters, it has been confirmed that Black Widow plays a big role in Avengers 4. And it’s suspected that she’s one of the few original Avengers that won’t be killed off by the end of the movie. Especially since she has a solo movie coming out in the near future. Though, many believe that will be a prequel.

Hulk will be Hulk in Avengers 4. How Bruce Banner gets there is anyone’s guess at this point, but we’d say this is a pretty good guess. We only have Reddit to blame for this latest fan theory.