A mall is coming to Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things season three tease

STRANGER THINGS season three will venture further into the 80’s, the decade of glitz, glam and consumerism, by adding one new, key element: a shopping mall. That’s right, come this latest season the gang will finally get to ride their bikes to the local mall and chill in the food court, shop at The Gap or just plain loiter. The town of Hawkins, Indiana will finally become a real town in season three, and you can get a glimpse in the new teaser.

The video below is an ad for the incoming Starcourt mall, marketing stores like Gap, Radio Shack, Sam Goody, Zales, Claire’s, Walden Books and other stores that will spark a flurry of nostalgia in your body. As well, there’s a look at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop, where none other than Steve (Joe Keery) is a dedicated employee.

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We know that in the third season there will be some blooming relationships, particularly between Mike and Eleven and Lucas and Max, so the mall would be the best place for that young love to run wild. We also know that the “Dad Steve” angle from season two isn’t going away, so him getting a job serving ice cream is yet another sign of him becoming a responsible adult.

So the tease isn’t exactly a glimpse at all the darkness to come in season three, but it’s an excellent example of where they’re going in terms of setting. Shopping mall culture was at its peak in the 80’s, so though it may not have a place in the grander scheme of the story (or does it?) it will be a fun new environment to place the characters in.  

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