Onania Club Trailer: Human Centipede Director Reveals Disturbing New Movie

Warning. This movie is definitely not for the faint hearted and is going beyond an R-Rating. Director Tom Six, known for The Human Centipede trilogy, is back with a new movie called The Onania Club. Six made a name for himself when the first Human Centipede managed to garner some actual attention within the pop culture landscape. The movie’s disgusting premise and horrific visuals made it a major topic of discussion online. Now, the filmmaker has released a teaser trailer for his latest movie which is truly disturbing and immediately cements itself, for all the wrong reasons, as one of the most unique and likely to be buzzed about horror movies coming our way this year.

First off, since it’s Monday and many of you may be working, this trailer is extremely NSFW. Though brief, it wastes no time in revealing its unpleasantness and very unsafe for public viewing content. This thing is vile without showing a drop of blood, torture or anything one might expect from a new Tom Six movie. What it does show is a group of well-off women who are pleasuring themselves to footage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. With roughly 20 seconds of footage, The Onania Club has just become easily one of the most controversial movies of 2018. Though, Lars Von Trier’s The House That Jack Built may have something to say about that. This footage also gives distressing new meaning to the tagline on the poster; “Come and see, see and come.”

Tom Six is playing it coy on the details when it comes to his latest movie. Aside from the teaser, he offers that the movie deals with human vileness on various levels and that its main theme is Schadenfreude; “the most evil sin of human feeling,” according to philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. It’s also described as “pure psychological horror,” as opposed to the body horror of The Human Centipede. Here’s what he has to offer as a glimpse of the story.

“Strong, rich, white L.A. women (über bitches) run the show and deeply enjoy the misery of others. The film will be a pleasant breath of polluted air in todays growing political correctness and intolerance.”

The Onania Club is set to arrive this fall, though no specific release strategy or release date has been announced. That said, don’t expect this thing to get a wide release. The cast includes Jessica Morris, Darcy DeMoss, Deborah Twiss, Karen Strassman, and Flo Lawrence. Tom Six penned the screenplay himself, in addition to directing.

There are many different kinds of horror movies out there. Some are meant to thrill audience members and are mostly harmless, like this year’s box office hit A Quiet Place. Then there’s something like this, which looks like it’s mostly going to be a truly unpleasant exercise for the viewer that is meant to push limits and test boundaries. It’s probably best to reserve judgment until the entirety of The Onania Club has screened, but this already looks like it has gone more than a bit too far. You can check out the trailer at the Six Entertainment Company YouTube channel, as it may just be too disturbing to show you here. And again be warned, it’s definitely NSFW.