Sketch interview with Rob Liefeld in the Deadpool dream suite at Comic Con!

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At the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego this year, Fox Home Entertainment has rented out the biggest suite and turned it into one that represents the home of both Blind Al and Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool. Filled with little winks and nods to the film, crayon-drawn artwork, a copy of GREEN LANTERN and (assuming) a cure for blindness somewhere under the floorboards, it seemed like the perfect setting to talk to Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld, who is always an energetic and geeky presence. We sat down with Rob, handed him a sketchbook and had him whip up a drawing while we talked all things Comic Con, DEADPOOL 2 (including the Super Duper cut), the success of the films(s), what’s coming up in X-FORCE with Drew Goddard and if we’ll ever see Stryfe make his way onto the bigscreen (which would mean big things for Josh Brolin if it happens). Take a look at the interview above and check out some images from the Dream Suite below.

DEADPOOL 2: The Super Duper Cut arrives on blu-ray on ??? (and look for our review of the longer cut this weekend).

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