Preacher Season 3 Comic-Con trailer promises more mayhem, violence & bees!

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AMC’s PREACHER may already be four episodes in to its third season of madness and riotous portrayal of religious figures, but that’s not going to stop a new promo from spreading the good word at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. For those of you who are familiar with the lore of PREACHER – created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and published in 1995 courtesy of DC’s Vertigo imprint – you’ll be stoked to know that the latest promo for the show features more of the repugnant Allfather as well as the 350-year-old vampire Eccarius. Oh, and is that Hitler slinging dishes in a diner? What the hell is going on here? Of course, no PREACHER spot is complete without some witty back and forth between Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Jesse (Dominic Cooper), so there’s a little bit of that, too.

At the SDCC panel for PREACHER, executive producer Seth Rogen was asked about the vile nature of the Allfather, the Grand Poobah of a nefarious organization known as The Grail. Rogen responded by detailing a scene for the crowd, signaling just how far the show is willing to go to make fans of the original comic book series happy.

“He has a little wand to stick down his throat to make him throw up sometimes,” he said, courtesy of CBR. “There’s a scene where they eat a horse. It was one of our favorite characters from the comics and is truly just a bizarre character and we hope to make good on that promise.”

PREACHER Season 3 will continue to air on AMC this Sunday, July 22nd, with an episode titled “The Coffin.” As someone who has read the entire series, I can promise you that things are only going to get more outrageous (and more offensive) from here on out. Buckle up, say your prayers, and don’t miss this gem of a mature comic book TV adaptation.

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