Bill & Ted 3 Confirmed to Shoot in February, Financing Still Needed

A few weeks ago, Keanu Reeves made a lot of hearts sink when he stated that Bill & Ted 3 may not actually happen. Well, cheer up. Because that was just the sometimes dowdy actor speaking a little out of turn. According to others working on the sequel, it’s definitely set to start shooting in February as the crew continues securing financing.

Whenever there is bad news about Bill & Ted, it’s usually Keanu Reeves being the harbinger of doom. Throughout this long and arduous process, he has often claimed that the production was two inches from evaporating into thin air. Reeves has also admitted that some of these disparaging words come from the fact that he’s not quite sure how to reprise the character in his middle age. And you can kind of see his frustration. He’s spent almost thirty years trying to distance himself from that dude-bro persona. But let’s face it, he’s never been better on screen as an actor then when he played Ted in Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey.

Keanu’s partner in crime, Alex Winter, who plays Bill, along with Face the Music writer and franchise co-creator Ed Solomon, are being a lot more optimistic about Bill & Ted’s ultimate fate. The pair pushed out a series of Tweets recently, confirming that Face the Music will shoot this February. Solomon had this to say about the once dire situation.

“They are still closing deals between the financiers and MGM. As far as I know, nothing’s changed and we’re planning on going in February.”

Alex Winter then backed that up, offering this insight into the quickly approaching production.

“Yep standard movie mishegas, only now in the age of Twitter.”

Beyond Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, no other casting has been announced for the sequel quite yet. The plot has been announced by the team behind the time travel comedy. And it will deal with Bill and Ted coming to terms with their ultimate fate as rock gods in their middle age.

“Bill & Ted Face The Music will see the duo long past their days as time-traveling teenagers and now weighed down by middle age and the responsibilities of family. They’ve written thousands of tunes, but they have yet to write a good one, much less the greatest song ever written. With the fabric of time and space tearing around them, a visitor from the future warns our heroes that only their song can save life as we know it. Out of luck and fresh out of inspiration, Bill and Ted set out on a time travel adventure to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe as we know it. Together with the aid of their daughters, a new crop of historical figures, and some sympathetic music legends, they find much, much more than just a song.”

That definitely sounds like the sequel fans have been waiting over twenty years to see. Hopefully Keanu gets his Ted groove back. I, for one, am stoked for this. I remain optimistic that it will be excellent. And definitely not bogus.