Venom is unleashed and hungry for limbs in new action-packed trailer

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People complained about not seeing any of Venom in the very first teaser for the anti-hero’s upcoming flick, but the new trailer offers so much of the hulking, toothy, black creature you won’t know what to do with yourself. Showing Venom very much in action, this new trailer for the movie unveils more of the plot and finds Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) becoming more and more symbiotic with his new parasite buddy. 

From director Ruben Fleischer, VENOM tells the story of journalist Eddie Brock, who when trying to uncover secrets about terrible experiments going on at the Life Foundation ends up being infected by an alien symbiote. Soon this symbiote begins to take over and starts merging with Brock to form the massive, long-tongued creature Venom, who possess both incredible powers and an appetite for human body parts. 

We get a lot of great looks at Venom here and get a much better sense of the tone This trailer is indeed pushing the more action-filled parts of the movie, even showing of Riz Ahmed‘s Carlton Drake and his symbiote transformation, Riot (you can see his face in the screenshot above fighting with Venom). We’ve heard in the past they will try to give the flick some horror movie elements, but we may not see those marketed as much. As for the dual personality angle, in which Brock struggles with his parasite, it’s interesting but I can’t see it being explored with much depth this first go around. This will probably be a straight origin tale, which I’m very fine with as long as it feels different. Fingers crossed for that R-rating!

VENOM also stars Michelle WilliamsJenny Slate, Woody Harrelson and arrives October 5.

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