Thousands watched screening of Mission: Impossible 6 on top of a giant cliff


Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie did an excellent job crafting the impressive action scenes in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT to make them feel as real as possible. When watching it you feel like you’re really there in the action, immersed in the spectacle. What better way to improve that experience than by watching it in the most thrilling environment imaginable, which so happens to be atop a 2,000 ft cliff.

Thousands of fans did just that by hiking for four hours to the top of Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, in Norway to watch the latest Cruise blockbuster. The star posted an aerial photograph of the event on social media, saying, “2,000 feet, 2,000 people, 4 hours of hiking. The most impossible screening of #MissionImpossible Fallout. Thank you all for coming! I wish I could have been there.” He probably was, hanging off the side of the cliff and occasionally popping head out.

The cliff, a popular tourist attraction, is the centerpiece of the movie’s epic finale wherein Cruise’s Ethan Hunt and Henry Cavill’s August Walker have a brutal showdown. The movie premiered last weekend where it debuted to a franchise-best $61 million, bolstered by the best reviews of the series and, per Rotten Tomatoes, Cruise’s whole career.

Many of you probably saw it in IMAX as I did and will probably check it out again on the big screen, but seeing it on top of a massive cliff, let alone where they shot the movie, is probably an experience unlike anything else. Sure, some people may have been too exhausted to actually watch the movie after such a hike, but hey, if Cruise can handle a helicopter crash on that cliff than what excuse do you have?

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT is in theaters now. Check local hiking paths for showtimes. 

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