Exclusive: Jeremy Irons berates Jack Huston in An Actor Prepares clip

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In the new movie, AN ACTOR PREPARES, Jeremy Irons and Jack Huston play father and son who, putting it gently, don’t quite see eye-to-eye. But soon they find themselves on a road trip together, and over the course of numerous shenanigans, they begin to grow closer and mend their broken relationship, which is the whole point of any road trip. The journey won’t be easy for the duo, and you can get a taste of their hostile relationship and Irons’ insane metaphors in this exclusive clip.

Here is a full synopsis of the movie:

After suffering a heart attack, a famous, hard-drinking actor, Atticus Smith (Oscar®-winner, Jeremy Irons) is forced to drive across the country to make it in time for his daughter’s (Mamie Gummer, “The Good Wife”) wedding.  Atticus’ only hope of making the wedding lies with his estranged son, Adam (Jack Huston, Ben-Hur) who wants nothing to do with him.  As the two set out on their adventure, they become closer and realize they are more alike than they thought.

This clip is all about Irons going on a bit of a verbal rampage against Huston, and the legendary actor doesn’t skip a beat. Only he could talk about a fat person being shot out of a canon and make it seem like poetry. That, my friends, is the work of a master.

AN ACTOR PREPARES is On Demand and in select theaters August 31.

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