The Nun lingers in the shadows in new photos from the Conjuring spinoff

Have you ever found yourself roaming around your medieval Romanian monastery in the middle of the night, simply minding your own business in the east wing, only to feel like something is watching you? Unfortunately, that terrifying feeling is only going to be exacerbated when you go and see THE NUN next month, as it will feature plenty of the titular demon baddie lingering in the shadows, as evidenced by some new, nightmarish photos.

Empire put out two new exclusive photos recently, both showing the haunting, pale, wide-eyed Valak (Bonnie Aarons) standing in the shadows looking creepy as all hell. An unsuspecting Demian Bichir has no idea what’s behind him, and he seems to have forgotten the first rule of horror movies: never turn your back to an open corridor in medieval castles, churches or fortresses,

The first trailer for the movie dropped earlier this summer, and despite us being only a month out (exactly one as of yesterday), we haven’t gotten any new footage since then. What footage we did get is suspenseful and ends with a whopper of a jump scare, and director Corin Hardy (THE HALLOW) spoke with Empire about implementing tension and mind games over CGI demons. 

“It’s a bigger movie in many ways than something like The Hallow, but it’s also a grounded movie in that we’re doing it all for real. There’s very little CGI: actually less CGI than even The Hallow. We’re concentrating more on complex choreography and mind-trickery.”

THE NUN is easily one of my most anticipated movies of the fall season, and if I ever find myself in need of a reminder I only need to watch that first teaser or look at images like these. I love watching a good horror movie in the dark movie theater, and between the visual of Valak and the setting, I find little reason to think I’ll walk out of this movie disappointed. In actuality, I’m glad we’re not seeing as much of this movie when it comes to promotion. The less we have going in means the more shocking an experience we’ll have as an audience. Who needs demon clowns when demon nuns are just as effective? 

THE NUN creeps into theaters September 7.

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