Full Infinity War Gag Reel Gets Weird and Wild with the Avengers

Avengers: Infinity War was able to bring the giant family that the Marvel Cinematic Universe created together, and by the looks of the bloopers and gag reel, they had a lot of fun filming the movie. There were a lot of heavy elements in Infinity War right from the start, from watching Thanos decimate the Asgardian refugee ship, to the death of Gamora, and then the mighty snap at the end of the film, wiping out half of the universe in an attempt to reclaim a perfect balance. While watching the gag reel for the movie, it’s evident that all of the actors consider themselves to be one happy family, who like to laugh a lot.

The Infinity War blooper and gag reel takes MCU fans behind-the-scenes to watch their favorite superheroes botch their lines and be silly. Paul Bettany appears to make quite a few mistakes and is always laughing at something, from Chris Evans’ face to yelling at Mark Ruffalo for making him laugh during a take. Elsewhere, Robert Downey Jr. seems to struggle with flies and bugs on the set, which seems to get under the actor’s skin.

At one point in this bloopers and gag reel for Infinity War, Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch comments on working with Chris Pratt. Cumberbatch sarcastically states that working with Pratt is nothing like what he expected and says that he’s not funny and hard to be around, going as far as to say that he’s “boring” and “arduous.” The actor almost pulls off the joke with a true straight face, which is a testament to his acting abilities. Speaking of Pratt, he is also seen laughing while trying to film a scene with Tom Holland where he has his blaster up against the young actor’s head.

Another element that is shown off in the Infinity War gag reel is just how much acting and pretending is involved. Many of the bloopers take place on a set filled with blue and green screens. Titan is just a basic landscape set with most of the planet being a giant green screen. It really shows off how tough is must be to act like you’re really on a planet as opposed to a set with barely any props. It’s also apparent that the actors weren’t even in the same place as one another while filming some of the scenes, which is another difficult task.

Infinity War is currently available to purchase digitally and comes out on Blu-ray next week, on August 14th. MCU fans are hoping that once the epic movie is released next week that the title of Avengers 4 will be officially unveiled. The title has been speculated about since Infinity War hit theaters and fans are really curious as to what direction Marvel Studios is taking with the new movie. You can check out the bloopers and gag reel for Infinity War below, thanks to the Marvel Youtube channel.

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