Ultimate Predator Is One Ugly Mother in Nasty New The Predator TV Spot

Shane Black’s The Predator is looking more promising by the day, coming on even more menacing and brutal than previously thought. Leading the charge is the new mysterious Ultimate Predator, which was featured in the footage that was shown off at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. In the footage, which has yet to be seen anywhere else, the Ultimate Predator battles one of the original hunters, bashing its face in before ripping the head off and showing the humans that it means some serious business. Now, a TV spot for the film gives us a fresh look at this massive hybrid hunter.

Shane Black is aiming to take the franchise back to its gory roots with The Predator, and making Predator scary again should be his slogan. One of the elements that made the original 1987 movie so thrilling was that you couldn’t see the hunter most of the time, which gave viewers a sense of anxiety and dread. That feeling hasn’t been present in the latest installments, so Black is making it his mission to bring back the hunt from the original.

Along with the hunt, you need the gore. The Predator is looking to frame the movie as a hunt and then punctuate it with the violence and gore that hardcore fans want to see. The Ultimate Predator is one of the ways that Shane Black is accomplishing that mission. These new hunters have been upgraded from the DNA of other species, making them the near-perfect hunter, excelling well beyond the abilities of the original species of hunters.

During the Comic-Con panel for The Predator, Shane Black revealed that there could be some angry hunters from the home planet who might not be too pleased that the humans have been winning past battles. Black doesn’t explicitly state the reason for the arrival of the Ultimate Predator, but he did note that they are present in the film to give “that feeling of deadly purpose and absolute f*cking blood-curdling efficiency.” Black’s remarks certainly give off the feeling that the 1987 original movie pulled off so well. It’s hard to forget the first time ever seeing Predator and the sense of horror that it instilled.

In addition to highlighting the brutal efficiency of the Ultimate Predator, the Comic-Con footage has also been described as super dark, bloody, and funny, which sounds exactly like what hardcore fans have been waiting for all of these years. Bring on the gore and the anxiety-ridden scenes of the hunters stalking their prey. Then, let’s see the hunters turn to the hunted when the Ultimate Predator comes down to take care of business. While we wait to see what the Ultimate Predator is truly capable of, you can check out the brand-new TV spot for Shane Black’s The Predator below, thanks to the official Predator Twitter account.