CarousHELL Trailer Takes a Ride on a Killer Unicorn

What glorious fall fun do we have for all the kiddies today? Well, you’re not going to believe this one. We all love unicorns. They’re supposed to be mythical, kind creatures that we ride, love and cherish. Right? Nope. Not when it comes to the upcoming thriller CarousHELL. This damned creature wants to chew our faces off.

And you really can’t blame him. This is one Unicorn that has been pushed too far. Wild Eye Releasing has offered up the Killer Unicorn fright flick CarousHell, and it’s definitely one for the books. We have a look at the cool trailer, and an awesome poster, which is off the stirrups!

Due for release in 2019 from Wild Eye Releasing, CarousHELL is the latest horror offering from filmmaker Steve Rudzinski, director of Red Christmas, Captain Z & the Terror of Leviathan and Everyone Must Die!

Based on a script by Rudzinski and Aleen Isley, the horror/comedy tells of a sentient carousel unicorn that gets pushed too far by a brat.  The unicorn breaks free of his spinning prison to go on a revenge-driven murder spree on his way to kill the kid. Steve Rimpici, Sé Marie and Haley Madison star in this mad capped horror tale. It’s just too bad that it’s not arriving in time for Halloween.

Steve Rudzinski has quite a few genre and cult fans lingering around the edges of the horror world. And rightfully so. He always manages to bring something unique to the world of terror. Some are calling CarousHELL the man’s finest hour on film. It’s not only scary, but it’s funny as Hell. You may want to read on with caution, as this isn’t a movie for children.

Why? It certainly looks like it could be part of the Goosebumps line-up. But oh, no. We get a hot punk chick stripping off all her clothes and doing the nasty with a carousel unicorn. That may be enough for some to sign up or turn away right there. Rudzinski even cast himself in a cameo.

The guy plays a hilarious pizza man who must ignore the sexual advances of one of his customers so he can collect that all important tip. What a guy! But let’s not gloss over the fact that this movie introduces one of the best slashers in years. Duke the Unicorn is going to give Michael, Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Leatherface and Pinhead a run for their money. And he sure does look great on that poster.

There is some great gore in CarousHELL. Each kill comes on more glorious and unique than the last. It’s not all unicorn horns through the chest. CarousHELL is screaming for a sequel, and it looks like we may have the next great horror franchise on our hands. You can take a look at the scary trailer from Wild Eye along with the poster.

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<strong><em>CarousHELL</em></strong> poster