Happy Death Day sequel gets its official, appropriately clever title

Last year’s HAPPY DEATH DAY further proved there’s little that Blumhouse can do wrong, taking the GROUNDHOG DAY story structure, giving it a modern twist with a few PG-13 kills and getting a hit. A sequel is on the way, and you can’t simply add a “2” to something called HAPPY DEATH DAY. It makes perfect sense then that for the sequel the filmmakers would have some fun with puns, and it’s been revealed the official title of the movie is called HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U.

The exact plot of the movie is being kept on the down low, as it will most likely be of a different nature than simply killing star Jessica Rothe over and over again as she relives the same day. A plot synopsis (via Variety) simply hints that the story involves her character realizing that “dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.” The movie is still slated for Valentine’s Day 2019, and perhaps we could get the first footage in the next month or so, just in time for Halloween.

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The first movie was a breakout hit, earning solid reviews and making over $120 million worldwide off a $5 million budget. A sequel was inevitable, and production kicked off at the start of this summer with Rothe, Israel Broussard, and writer/director Christopher B. Landon returning.

The first movie didn’t quite win me over like it did others, but I found some enjoyment in it. Mostly that came from watching Rother, who owned the movie with her charm and attitude, which made watching her live through this hell over and over again quite entertaining. Perhaps the sequel can find its own footing instead of taking from the “living the same day” angle again and, I don’t know, maybe up that PG-13 rating to something a little…bloodier. 

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U arrives February 14, 2019.

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