New Black Mirror episode could take on a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” model may sound like it works best for books and board games, but that isn’t stopping folks in movies and TV from trying to make it work on the screen. Netflix has already gotten into the game by letting young viewers of the PUSS IN BOOTS show to choose between one of two paths. Now, they’re reportedly going to test out the concept on a top-tier, award-winning show – BLACK MIRROR.

Bloomberg is reporting that a CYOA-style episode of BLACK MIRROR will be included on the latest season of the show, which is expected to hit the streaming service in December. These plans are supposedly being kept under wraps, so nothing else is known about the episode, other than it would let you choose how it plays out. Netflix has not commented on the news, but should the season arrive in December we can probably expect to hear more about it in the next month or so.

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As stated above, this is not the first time Netflix has gone into the territory. The episode of PUSS IN BOOTS allowed viewers to decide if the adventurous feline would fight either a god or a tree. Should they tantrum about the outcome, they could always go back and see how the other scenario played out. They could then say they liked the other one better, and then go back to that one. I assume this would go back and forth for some time.

BLACK MIRROR is a show that constantly holds up a – ahem – mirror to society, telling dark, haunting tales about the nature of our relationship with technology. On that note, it’s incredibly befitting to feature an episode that has us interacting with the technology, and perhaps that act in of itself will factor into the actual show we’re controlling. Then next thing you know…we are the show! Wooooahhhhh!