Werewolf-Ravaged Bonehill Road Trailer Brings Back 80s Scream Queen Linnea Quigley

80s horror hounds rejoice! Linnea Quigley is back and screaming loudly in the new werewolf thriller Bonehilll Road. Today, we have a look at the first trailer and awesome new poster.

From legendary underground filmmaker Todd Sheets comes a howlingly terrifying werewolf movie just in time for Halloween, Bonehill Road! Emily and Eden Stevens escape one violent situation only to dive head first into another. Terrified and alone they are stranded in the dark woods only to be chased into a horrific scene in a house or horrors. They must work together to get out alive. But what is worse? What is on the inside or out?

Linnea Quigley, Gary Kent, and David E. McMahon star in Bonehill Road, out from Wild Eye Releasing this week on DVD and on Digital soon. Todd Sheets has 47 directorial credits to his name, most of which have gone straight to home video. It’s in the world of VHS tapes that the filmmaker made a name for himself, making his feature debut with Shadows way back in 1986. His career, which spans three decades, includes such memorable Drive-In classics as Dreaming Purple Neon, Ouija Death Trap, Biker Babes from Beyond the Grave, and Zombie Bloodbath.

Even more prolific in the world of basement horror is 80s scream queen Linnea Quigley, who has racked up an impressive 154 acting credits across the span of her career. Bonehill Road is the first time she has worked with Todd Sheets, but they will continue their partnership in their next collaboration together, Clownado.

Linnea Quigley may best be known for playing the topless zombie Trash in The Return of the Living Dead. She first screamed her way into movies way back in 1975 when she graced Drive-In screens everywhere as the barmaid in Psycho from Texas. She has an uncredited role in 1979’s Tourist Trap, which is suddenly a hot cult horror slasher amongst Millennials wanting something old to call their own. She would go onto appear in Graduation Day and Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams before landing the role of Linda Blair’s younger sister in the revenge thriller Savage Streets. She would go onto star n Silent Night, Deadly Night before her star making turn in Return of the Living Dead.

Other hits of the era included starring roles in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Night of the Demons and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, and she even put out her own workout tape. While she was starring in mostly horror movies, she showed a real flair for comedy, and ending up headlining the long running franchise Vice Academy. She has continued to work steadily throughout the 90s and into the 2000s, but she has experienced a real resurgence in recent years, with a ton of new movies on the way including Blood Wings, 315 Wicked Way, Camp Twilight, and Hooker with a Hacksaw, which all sound just great.

But first, there is Bonehill Road, which looks like a rocking scary time. And it looks like Linnea Quigley is putting in a lot more than just a cameo. You can check out the trailer and poster from October Coast. You’ll definitely want to be adding this to your Halloween watch list this year.

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