First Mandy Merch Includes Awesome T-Shirts & Cheddar Goblin Mac & Cheese

Fans of Mandy now have the chance to get their hands on some merchandise ripped straight from the unexpected Nicolas Cage hit. For those who maybe haven’t seen it yet, or perhaps haven’t even heard of it, Mandy, which comes from director Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow), is one of Cage’s best-reviewed movies in years and, for that matter, is amongst the most praised movies of 2018 thus far. Now, Legion M has released a new batch of merch that ties directly to the movie, for those looking to bring a little bit of the craziness home.

For those interested in something a little simple, there is a Mandy shirt and hat, featuring the movies very heavy metal logo. Beyond that, much of the merch is very specific to the movie. There’s the baseball tee that Nicolas Cage’s character Red Miller wears during the events of the movie, which is almost certainly going to becoming iconic in the years to come. There are also a couple of shirts for those who are looking for a more specific reference; one for the cult Children of the New Dawn, who are at the center of Cage’s rage in the movie, and a Shadow Mountain shirt. There is also Red Miller’s Termite hat.

All in all, it’s nice to see some thoughtful movie merch that doesn’t just feature the title on an otherwise unassuming shirt. But the most interesting new piece of merch by far is the Mandy viewing party box. While the movie has done decently well on the few screens its played on around the country, most people will see it on VOD or when it arrives on Blu-ray/DVD on October 30. For those looking to invite some people over and check out one of the craziest movies your likely to see this year, or any year for that matter, this box comes with some gear to help out with the fun. Mini posters, temporary tattoos, coasters drink recipes and, perhaps most importantly, a Cheddar Goblin beanie.

For those who have seen Mandy, the Cheddar Goblin is arguably the breakout star. The bizarre, fictional, mac and cheese vomiting mascot is truly something to behold and will surely live on for years to come. Unfortunately, for the time being, the beanie is the only wearable Cheddar Goblin item being offered. But the party box comes with an authentic box of Cheddar Goblin Mac & Cheese that is edible. Perhaps you can conjure up your own Cheddar Goblin as you heat up some of this delicious dish on the stove, just prior to watching the movie.

Just for reference, Mandy currently holds a 93 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While it’s truly crazy nature may not be for everyone, it’s undoubtedly the rare movie that lets Nicolas Cage be Nicolas Cage, while also not totally going off the rails (in a bad way). For those who maybe don’t want to shell out for a physical copy, it was recently revealed that the movie will be made available to Shudder subscribers shortly. For those who want to get some of this merchandise for themselves, head on over to Legion M. You can check out some images of the Mandy merch below.

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