Find the clues or die in the new Escape Room trailer

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I don’t know about you, but I love escape rooms. About two years ago, for my bachelor party, a group of my friends brought me to a Dungeon themed Escape Room location. As we worked our way through a series of prison cells, and toward a blood-soaked torture chamber, the puzzles only became more elaborate. In the end, we solved the riddle with just one minute to spare, after activating a rack that had pulled its victim in two. The key to escape was in his stomach. It was awesome.

Today, a new trailer for ESCAPE ROOM has been unleashed. Directed by Adam Robitel (INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION) from a script penned by Bragi F. Schut (SEASON OF THE WITCH, INVERSION) and Maria Melnik (BLACK SAILS, AMERICAN GODS), ESCAPE ROOM finds six strangers exploring a mysterious escape room, only to realize that connected to each puzzle is a deadly trap. With time quickly running out, the group must combine their wits and unique skills to solve the mysteries of the room, lest they want to become lost within its walls forever.

The upcoming thriller stars TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL alum Tyler Labine, DAREDEVIL and TRUE BLOOD’s Deborah Ann Woll, LOST IN SPACE actress Taylor Russell, ATYPICAL’s Nik Dodani, and INSECURE’s Jay Ellis, among several others.

Is it me or does this movie appear to have a bit of that old SAW flavor to it? Think about it. We’ve got sophisticated traps, a mysterious puppet master, and several victims to kill in a series of gruesome ways. Could escape rooms be the new torture porn? Probably not, but it might be fun to watch them try. Bring on the puzzles!

ESCAPE ROOM is set to lock you in and start the clock on January 4, 2019.