LeBron James confirmed to be in talks to produce a Friday the 13th reboot

Ch ch ch ah ah ah, do you hear that? That’s the sound of Jason Voorhees looking to sip on some of Michael Myers’ Kool-Aid. For real, you’d think that the hockey masked killer could give his fellow slasher just one weekend before stepping out of the cabin with his own breaking headline to share, right? Nope, not Jason. He’s all about stealing Michael’s spotlight, who in just the past few days has banked $77.5 million for his latest HALLOWEEN outing. Could a Micheal vs. Jason crossover be looming on the horizon? Let’s not count the dead bodies before they’ve had time to rot, and first dig into the latest news surrounding the Camp Crystal Lake killer.

Attention Campers! It has been confirmed that Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment and LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment are in talks to bring FRIDAY THE 13TH back for another round of offing sex-starved counselors, crafty trap-springing kids, and deviants of all ages. While talk of Jason coming back to the big screen has been circulating for what feels like forever, it’s thanks in-part to the massive success of movies like IT and HALLOWEEN that the project is now under serious consideration.

Obviously, since the news just broke early this afternoon, details about the project are scarce. However, I am pleased to report that we’ve heard that meetings are already happening with regard to landing directors and writers for the film. How did this all happen, you ask? From what I’ve gathered, FRIDAY THE 13TH screenwriter Victor Miller recently regained the U.S. rights to the property and took the project to Vertigo and SpringHill. As the story goes, Miller won the U.S. rights after a prolonged legal battle with director Sean Cunningham and his Horror Inc. studio. Upon besting Cunningham in the courtroom, Miller now holds the U.S. rights to FRIDAY THE 13TH, including assets belonging to its characters, locations, and story.

Are you ready to run from Jason, yet again? Are you keeping your fingers crossed for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot as well? Let us know what you’d like to see from a FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot in the comments section below.

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