Eiza Gonzalez and Rebecca Hall join the cast of Godzilla vs. Kong

Honestly, all GODZILLA VS. KONG really needs is the two title characters duking it out and we’d be happy, but Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. seem insistent on stocking the upcoming film with human characters as well. We already know that Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Julian Dennison (DEADPOOL 2), Alexander Skarsgård (THE LEGEND OF TARZAN), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), and Demian Bichir (THE NUN) will be appearing in the film, but Deadline and Variety have reported that both Eiza Gonzalez (BABY DRIVER) and Rebecca Hall (IRON MAN 3) will be joining the cast as well.

There’s no details on what type of characters Eiza Gonzalez and Rebecca Hall will be playing, but I’d imagine that they’ll be running and screaming just like everyone else. Production on the Adam Wingard (YOU’RE NEXT) film is set to officially kick off next month in Atlanta, and the director has previously stated that he aims to take the giant monsters very seriously. “The Godzilla/Kong fanbase is very different. They’re just really excited that anybody is taking this stuff seriously. They can smell a fake from a mile away, so if your enthusiasm isn’t real then they’ll eat you alive,” Wingard said. “As soon as you can prove that your intentions are true to the source material, that’s all that matters, specifically if you’re dealing with big monsters. You really have to take them seriously, almost as people.” Wingard also told Entertainment Weekly in August that he’s hoping to give audiences a clear winner in the conflict between the two giant monsters.

I do want there to be a winner. The original film (1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla) was very fun, but you feel a little let down that the movie doesn’t take a definitive stance. People are still debating now who won in that original movie, you know. So, I do want people to walk away from this film feeling like, Okay, there is a winner.

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Before the big showdown in GODZILLA VS. KONG, our next adventure in the land of giant critters will be GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, which will find Godzilla facing off against Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.

The official synopsis for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS:

The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species—thought to be mere myths—rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS will hit theaters on May 31, 2019, with GODZILLA VS. KONG following on May 22, 2020.