AMC Theaters Is Jacking-Up the Price of Its MoviePass Rival in Many States

While MoviePass has been struggling in recent months, AMC has been thriving with their own movie subscription service. Stubs A-List, which was introduced over the summer in June, allows moviegoers to see unlimited movies at AMC theater locations across the country for a single, monthly fee. Because the program has been so successful, the theater chain has announced that they’re actually going to increase that monthly fee starting in early 2019.

According to the theater chain, they’ve had more than 500,000 people sign up for the service since being introduced. Up to this point, it was only introduced for a trial run, but AMC now intends to keep the service around permanently. However, to keep the service commercially viable, they will need to increase the price. Currently, the service goes for $19.95 a month. Starting in January 2019, the price will increase in certain, high-demand markets to either $23.95 a month or $21.95 a month. CEO Adam Aron had this to say in a recent email to current subscribers.

“When we launched AMC Stubs A‑List back in June, we did so with the idea that moviegoing could and should be more accessible, convenient, and affordable. Candidly, we are blown away and so appreciative that so many movie fans throughout the United States have agreed. In just four and a half months from the program’s launch, more than 500,000 people will have joined A‑List. Already, after only a few months’ time, one in every 10 guests at an AMC theatre across the country is a member of A‑List and that number seems to grow every day.”

MoviePass made waves last year when they announced their service, which works at most major theater chains across the country, would allow users to see a movie a day for just $9.95 a month. That caught on quickly, however, as many analysts expected, the pricing model became problematic. Ultimately, MoviePass made unpopular moves to try and mitigate losses, such as restricting when users could see movies and adding surge pricing, which resulted in certain subscribers to look elsewhere.

AMC Theaters saw an opportunity to capitalize by introducing Stubs A-List. In addition to the movie benefits, users also enjoy discounts on concessions and, unlike MoviePass, seats can be reserved for movies ahead of time. Cinemark now also offers their own service, with the Alamo Drafthouse getting ready to roll out something similar in the near future. There are also direct competitors, such as Sinemia. While MoviePass may crumble, the subscription model is here to stay.

Stubs A-List will increase by $4 in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. A $2 increase will be introduced in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, and Washington D.C. Those who are already subscribed will get to keep the $19.95 a month price for up to 12 months, and those who sign up before the price change in January will also be able to enjoy the cheaper price for up to a full year. As much as the price increase may frustrate some, this is still a much more cost-effective way to frequent movie theaters and will allow the chain to sustain the service from a business standpoint. Those interested in signing up can head on over to the AMC website.