Borat returns to tamper with midterms in favor of “Premier Trump”

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Yesterday was election day, and millions went to the polls to exercise their fundamental American right and totally didn’t stay home and kept playing RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 instead. Celebrities from all over the spectrum were urging followers and fans to go out and vote, some taking it as far as they could. Enter Sacha Baron Cohen, the king of taking things too far, who brought out his most-beloved creation – Borat from Kazakhstan – so he could interfere with the elections in favor of “Premier Trump.” There were several high fives, lots of making fun of other ethnicities, and at least one interviewee who made the mistake of inviting Borat into his home.

The sketch aired last night on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! and found Borat coming to America to mess with the U.S. election and sway it towards Trump. He then went and started asking several people around California about what they like about Trump, with Cohen using Borat to get them to validate some of their views in ridiculous ways. He lights up when a woman says she agreed with Trump’s administration putting children in detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border, with Borat saying, “It was the nicest place they’ve ever been!”

He then visits one man in his home to talk Trump, asking him about the “fake news who say he is not a racist.” When the man corrects him and says the media is saying Trump *is* a racist, Borat wonders why that would be a bad thing. “But what is the problem with being a racist? I am a racist. It is nice!” Borat then asks to use the man’s bathroom, only to come back out without a shirt on, asking if he can use the man’s toothbrush.

Of course, what would Borat be without a “Not!” joke: “It’s good to see democracy in action…not!”

Not only was this done to mark election day but also for Cohen to market the release of his Showtime series WHO IS AMERICA? on DVD, wherein he created several new characters and interviewed prominent political figures. Between this and his limited series, Cohen seems fully invested on using his talents to poke fun at the current political climate, and considering next year we will see the 2020 presidential race kick off, this may just be the beginning for him.