The team faces a big threat in new trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders

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It wasn’t a series that I watched myself, but I was aware that fans were more than a little peeved when Young Justice was cancelled back in 2013, a move which was later attributed to insufficient toy sales. Not a fun way to go out. However, several years later, Warner Bros. announced that Young Justice would be returning for a third season after all on DC’s new streaming service, DC Universe. Dubbed Young Justice: Outsiders, the upcoming season will pick up with many of the same characters, as well as some new ones, as they focus on battling metahuman trafficking and an intergalactic arms race for control of these super-powered youths.

That’s not all the Young Justice action which fans can expect on DC Universe, as they will also be releasing “enchanced” episodes from the first two seasons of the series which will now feature commentary from the producers, cast, DC talent, and some of the biggest super-fans on the planet every Tuesday from December 4th-25th. DC Universe will also be giving members access to a prequel comic-book series on January 2nd-3rd. Afterwards, Young Justice: Outsiders will debut three new episodes every Friday from January 4th-14th, with four episodes dropping on January 25th as the midseason finale. The back half of the season will resume in June 2019. Excited yet?

The official synopsis for Young Justice: Outsiders:

From Warner Bros. Animation, Young Justice: Outsiders features the return of the fan favorite animated series with a huge cast of DC’s most iconic young super heroes – plus brand-new characters, many of whom are just discovering their unique meta-powers and special abilities. Set against the backdrop of a rich, deep world that touches all corners of the DC universe, our heroes will face the new threat of metahuman-trafficking, and an intergalactic arms race for control of these super-powered youths.

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere exclusively on DC Universe on January 4, 2019.