Star Wars 9 Gives Kylo Ren a New Darth Vader-Inspired Helmet?

It looks like Kylo Ren will be sporting a new look when Star Wars 9 hits theaters. According to a new rumor, he will be receiving an updated helmet that has a “very corrupted look.” Young Ben Solo famously bashed his previous helmet in a fit of rage after Supreme Leader Snoke berated him for wearing his “ridiculous” headgear. Not only did the helmet look pretty cool, it was also very much a part of what makes young Solo who he really is and a way to pay tribute to his late grandfather.

According to a new rumor, Kylo Ren will once again wear the mask, but it won’t have the same look from the one that we saw in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. According to sources, the new version of the helmet was reconstructed using a “red crystalline bonding material” that gives it a real unsettling look. After hearing the description, it seems that we may be getting a nod to Darth Vader with a hint of Darth Maul colors in Star Wars 9.

Obviously, this is just one of the many Star Wars 9 rumors that has been floating around as of lately. But, it makes sense that Kylo Ren will want a new look after taking out Supreme Leader Snoke. He’ll need more of a sinister look to be taken seriously and to mask his feelings of confliction. Ben Solo is truly alone now after killing his father and having his mother and Rey shun him. Even the First Order doesn’t seem to take him as much of a threat at the start of The Last Jedi. However, Solo is a much different character now.

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Some hardcore Star Wars fans may think that J.J. Abrams is going back to correct some of the perceived mistakes that Rian Johnson made while making The Last Jedi. Just about every choice that Johnson made has been put under the microscope, including the decision of having Ben Solo destroy his beloved helmet into pieces in a fit of rage. There is going to be a time jump between the events of the last movie and Star Wars 9, so a lot could have happened in Kylo Ren’s head and ego, making a new look almost necessary.

As with all things having to do with Star Wars 9, fans have been left in the dark. Nobody really knows what J.J. Abrams is going to do to end the new trilogy, but there have been some pretty interesting ideas, like possibly showing a connection between Snoke and Emperor Palpatine. We still have quite the wait ahead of us, so expect a lot more speculation to pop up between now and then. For now, we’ll just have to sit back and imagine what Kylo Ren’s new look will be like. This news was first reported by Making Star Wars.