We Talk Season Two of Counterpart with series creator Justin Marks and more!

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In the second season of the Starz series Counterpart, things are getting pretty intense. This fascinating drama staring J.K. Simmons and talls the story of a dark and dangerous parallel dimension where each one of us seems to have a doppleganger. And frankly, it continues to get better. In the new season, the series has expanded with a few new characters, and a much deeper look into this strange, yet surprisingly grounded, science fiction thriller. Created by Justin Marks, Counterpart also stars Nazanin Boniadi, Harry Lloyd, Olivia Williams and Betty Gabriel.

[embedded content]We recently had to opportunity to talk about the upcoming season with Justin Marks. The writer/producer discussed the series, and how he continues to expand the world which opened on Simmons’ Howard Silk. He talked about working with this incredible and diverse cast and perhaps even a little on where it is heading. It is always a pleasure to chat with Justin, and the way things are going, it looks as though we have some twists and turns arriving as this season – and hopefully the next – continues.

[embedded content]Another treat was speaking with two of the stars of the show. Talking to both Boniadi and Gabriel was a terrific experience. Nazanin discussed playing Clare, and how she has grown from the first season. And as a fan of Betty’s work in horror, especially her recent performances in UPGRADE and THE FIRST PURGE, it was nice to see her involvement in the series. Both of these impressive actors help make Counterpart all the more engaging with the help of a diverse and talened cast.

Make sure you catch the new season of Counterpart this coming December 9th on Starz.