Mahershala Ali revisits a dark case in new True Detective season 3 trailer

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The first season of True Detective still stands as one of my favourite seasons of television of all-time; the second season, well, I haven’t had much desire to revisit it since it first aired, let’s leave it at that. I’m hesitant to jump to any conclusions just yet, but the upcoming third season of True Detective certainly looks like a powerful return to form. Putting Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali (MOONLIGHT) front and center as Detective Wayne Hays definitely helps in that regard, and the latest trailer gives us a few more details into the dark case which he’ll be investigating.

Also starring Stephen Dorff, Carmen Ejogo, Ray Fisher, Mamie Gummer, and Scoot McNairy, the third season of True Detective will find detectives looking into a grisly crime involving two missing children in the heart of the Ozarks. The eight-episode season will debut on HBO on January 13, 2019.