Stallone saddles up in new, B&W Rambo V pic; Teases much more to come

This last November Sylvester Stallone made what was apparently his final appearance as Rocky Balboa in CREED II, later announcing he was done playing the character for good. Now he’s slapping the finishing touches on his final appearance as John Rambo in RAMBO V: LAST BLOOD, and while that movie will surely have plenty of crimson blood, the new photo he’s posted shows a classy, black and white look at the new movie.

Stallone hasn’t been shy about showing glimpses at the upcoming RAMBO movie, which will find title protagonist heading to Mexico to rescue a friend’s daughter. Requiring him to slap on his cowboy boots, the new pic shows Stallone atop a mighty stallion (whether or not it’s also Italian is unknown) as he surveys the ranch house in front of him. In the captions, he teases many more looks to come, and like James Mangold’s early looks at LOGAN a few years ago, Stallone promises the photos will be in black and white.

Every few days until the MOVIE comes out I’m going to post images from the upcoming RAMBO . See if you can follow along with the story using your imagination. All of the images that I post will be in black-and-white, but the film will be in dramatic color…

Stallone has really been selling the cowboy image in past photos, which is a welcome switch-up from the jungle settings of past movies. This movie may be taking a lot of inspiration from the LOGAN book, showing the lead character in a much more dramatic light as he approaches his final adventure. Stallone himself seems ready to take the character in this direction, which also includes bringing out some of Rambo’ favorite toys from past outings.

RAMBO V: LAST BLOOD doesn’t have a current release, but could hit this year

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