Lucasfilm Story Group Doesn’t Even Know the Star Wars 9 Title Yet

The Lucasfilm Story Group does not have the official title for Star Wars 9 yet. This week has been a series of ups and downs for many hardcore Star Wars fans who expected, at the very least, for the title for the upcoming movie to drop after some teasing. However, that has not been the case and some of these fans are reaching out to people who work for Lucasfilm to see if they even know what the title is.

Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo admits that, “If it has a title, I don’t know it,” in reference to a fan asking him about Star Wars 9. This shouldn’t be too surprising. Lucasfilm, like Marvel Studios, is very good at keeping things under wraps, so it makes sense that the title wouldn’t be available to everybody involved in the nuts and bolts of making the movie. Much like the recently revealed Avengers: Endgame title, the actors in Star Wars 9 probably don’t even know. Scarlett Johansson reportedly didn’t know the title or that the first Endgame trailer had even dropped when it did.

Mark Hamill continues to troll Star Wars fans over the title reveal and C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels has been posting cryptic things on social media all week, which has really gotten a few hardcore fans pretty impatient. All of this combined with the fact that production should be wrapping on Star Wars 9 soon, is starting to get a little too overwhelming for some. Adding to the stress is the fact that The Last Jedi title had been revealed by the end of January 2017, making a few fans feel entitled to a title release.

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Amongst all of the excitement surrounding the Star Wars 9 title reveal, some rumored titles have started to spread. Earlier this week it was Balance of the Force, which is obviously the name of a digital pinball game, so that went out the window real quick. The second to gain steam for a short while was Rise of the Resistance, which even tricked our good buddy Ethan Van Sciver, though he recognized his error really quickly. Rise of the Resistance is the name of the new ride that will be featured at the Galaxy’s Edge area of the Disneyland and Disney World theme parks.

There’s a lot going on in the Star Wars universe at the moment, so it is a bit surprising that nothing about Star Wars 9 has really leaked. Production is starting to wind down and we weren’t treated to very many leaked set pictures this time around, which means that Lucasfilm took some extra precautions during filming. We still have quite a while before the movie hits theaters, so hopefully we’ll at the very least get the title revealed in the coming weeks or even days. For now, the guessing game continues. This information was provided to us from Pablo Hidalgo’s Twitter account.