Daniel Radcliffe jokes about popping his claws as the next Wolverine

Is it possible that Daniel Radcliffe‘s patronus isn’t a stag at all, but rather a wolverine? Recently while participating in a WIRED Autocomplete interview, the Boy Who Lived entertained an on-going rumor that he is set to replace Hugh Jackman as Marvel’s next Wolverine. When faced with the question “is Daniel Radcliffe the new Wolverine,” the 29-year-old Swiss Army Man jokingly “confirmed” that yes, he’s ready to pop his claws as the famed Canadian beer-swilling, bear-fighting X-Man.

“There’s gonna be a new Wolverine movie in which… it starts off with Hugh Jackman being put into a hot wash, and then when he comes out, it’s me,” Radcliffe said while presumably offering a crack at his own mid-range physique. “So, yes! I’m very happy to announce that here.”

You can watch the full WIRED interview below:

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While Radcliffe may only be 5’5″ as opposed to Jackman’s 6’2″ stature, I feel that it’s important to point out that Wolverine has been notoriously mocked for his 5’3″ height throughout his storied Marvel career – particularly by Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. In fact, part of the SNICKT-happy brawler’s appeal for many is that he’s a big threat that comes in a modest and hairy package, proving definitely that size doesn’t matter when it comes to carving up Sentinels or harnessing the all-powerful Phoenix force.

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Obviously, Radcliffe has no real plans to portray Marvel’s cigar chompin’, rough n’ tumble Ronin, but it sure is a hilarious mental picture, isn’t is? Can you even imagine Radcliffe with Wolvie’s signature mutton chops, Ace Ventura-like hairdo, and penchant for referring to everyone he meets as “Bub?” Perhaps if Radcliffe hit the gym real hard he could pull it off, though I’m sure the Boy from Beneath the Stairs has other goals in mind.

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