One Girl Scout’s Jason Momoa Samoa Cookies Are a Big Hit with Customers

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is unknowingly helping the Girl Scouts of America sell a lot of cookies. Fifth grader Charlotte Holmberg has been honored Top Cookie CEO after re-branding her Girl Scout cookies from Samoas to Momoas. The Aquaman star can be seen on the box in all of his shirtless glory and Holmberg is moving a lot of units thanks to her creativity. While there are lot of people who are applauding the fifth grader’s business talents, there are a few critics too.

Jason Momoa’s shirtless look from Aquaman is pasted on the boxes and Charlotte Holmberg claims that mothers are hitting her up on social media declaring that they “need them,” even though Momoa looks pretty angry in the photo. As for the marketing demand, Holmberg says that, “Girls will want to buy some because he’s on the front and boys will want to because he’s their favorite character.” Basically it’s a win/win situation for Holmberg and the Girl Scouts of America.

As it turns out, it wasn’t solely the fifth grader’s idea. Charlotte Holmberg’s mother is a “marketing professional,” and she was inspired by a meme on Facebook that showed Jason Momoa sitting on a Samoa cookie. With her mother’s guidance, Charlotte was able to sell 2000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies last year and hopes that the Aquaman-themed boxes will get her past last year’s earnings. So far, it looks like she’s about to make her goal, though it’s a bit too early to tell at the moment. Girl Scout Cookies don’t really need any marketing, but this has proven that it sure doesn’t hurt.

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While there are many praising Charlotte Holmberg and her mother’s Jason Momoa Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, there are more than a few critics on social media. One concerned mother says, “Teaching young girls that sex sells.. way to go,” while another person says, “Can’t wait to hear the outrage when the boys do something similar.” The sexuality of the cookie box is one thing, but others are worried that it is not done with the permission of DC or Warner Bros., or even Momoa, though he’s probably getting a kick out of it.

According to the Girl Scouts’ national headquarters, Charlotte Holmberg sold out of her Jason Momoa Samoa cookies and is no longer selling them. They also said that the idea came about “as an inside joke with her friends and family,” which sounds a little fishy. Sounds like they may have already gotten a cease and desist from Warner Bros. and DC or they are scared that one might be on the way. Regardless, the Momoa Samoa cookies caused quite the stir in Colorado for a few weeks and we look forward to the copycats starting their bootleg operation right now. You can check out images of the boxes below, thanks to the Girl Scouts of America Facebook page.