New In Search of Darkness Documentary Trailer Is Drenched in 80s Horror Nostalgia

CreatorVC Studios is back with the first official trailer for the epic 80s horror documentary In Search of Darkness. Previous trailers had teased what the doc was going to focus on by showing dozens of clips from some of the most beloved and terrifying horror movies from the 1980s. However, the latest trailer goes deep with some of horror’s biggest names, including Don Mancini (Child’s Play), Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment founder), Nick Castle (Michael Myers from the original Halloween), Greg Nicotero (Evil Dead II), and many more.

In Search of Darkness is set to be released this summer, but only for horror fans who back their IndieGoGo campaign, which is currently set to end on March 31st. A release date for non-backers has yet to be determined. The campaign has exceeded its original goal by nearly 400%, so the demand for this incredibly comprehensive horror documentary is there. And after seeing the latest trailer, one can easily see why. It looks like it’s going to be a monumental task to edit everything together into a cut that’s less than 5 hours long.

In Search of Darkness features Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street) detailing the day on the Elm Street set shooting her iconic bathtub scene with Freddy’s glove, while also revealing which movie made her swear off horror movies for good. Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins) explains how Gremlins was originally a much darker film and why they scrapped the plan for the beloved Gizmo to become the evil Gremlin, Stripe. Greg Nicotero pulls back the curtain on some of the era’s greatest SFX shots, including the use of rancid pig intestines on the Day of the Dead set. These are just a few of the interviews that have been teased.

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CreatorVC Studios has conducted over 100 hours of interviews with 40+ horror legends for In Search of Darkness and is currently in the process of editing everything together to prepare for the late July release date. There might have to end up being more than one volume to this massive documentary that is a true love letter to everything 80s horror. You can read the official synopsis below.

“Featuring compelling critical takes and insider tales of the Hollywood filmmaking experience throughout the 1980s, In Search of Darkness will provide fans with a unique perspective on the decade that gave rise to some of the horror genre’s greatest icons, performers, directors and franchises that forever changed the landscape of modern cinema. Tracking major theatrical releases, obscure titles and straight-to-video gems, the incredible array of interviewees that have been assembled for ISOD will weigh in on a multitude of topics: from creative and budgetary challenges creatives faced throughout the decade to the creature suits and practical effects that reinvigorated the makeup effects industry during the era to the eye-popping stunts that made a generation of fans believe in the impossible.”

There is not an official release date set for In Search of Darkness at this time. However, the studio promises that it will be available to all backers late July 2019, which is just around the corner. It doesn’t look like the documentary will have a physical release outside of this IndieGoGo campaign, so don’t sleep on this if you want in on the exclusive rewards and a chance to see the movie before anyone else. While we wait, you can check out the brand-new trailer from Bloody Disgusting here.

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