WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Bodyslams the Set of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is moving right along, adding more cameos along the way. This time, it’s WWE star and musician Chris Jericho. Kevin Smith and Jericho have worked together in the past, but this is the first time that he has worked on a Jay and Silent Bob production. It was revealed earlier this week that Shannon Elizabeth flew all the way from Africa to take part in the production of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

Kevin Smith has been just as busy documenting everything that has been going on behind-the-scenes as he has making Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The director/writer/actor has been hard at work in making sure that fans know exactly what has been going on during the production and he loves revealing the latest cameos from friends that have flown from all over everywhere to take part in the highly anticipated sequel. He had this to say about Chris Jericho joining him.

“Chris Jericho joined Jay & Silent Bob Reboot last week in a scene stolen from some of the 80’s road movies I grew up watching! This was the first time Jay Mewes shared screen time with Jericho but it’s the second time I’ve worked with the Fozzy front man (the first being on the forthcoming horror anthology Killroy Was Here). And both times, this super sweet Canadian kid has been cast waaaaay against type. If I ever get to make another movie after this one, I told Chris he’s gonna be a good guy (maybe we’ll finally do that Canadian James Bond comedy we talked about on the podcast that one time).”

In addition to the Chris Jericho cameo announcement, Kevin Smith revealed that Jay & Silent Bob Reboot only has 8 more days of shooting. He also noted that he has the first 40 minutes of the movie edited and ready to go, which just goes to prove how impressive Smith’s work ethic is. One has to wonder if he even finds time to sleep with such an intense schedule, but he seems to be doing just fine. If he keeps this pace up, the sequel might even be ready to come out before his estimated fall premiere.

Finally, Kevin Smith released the fifth chapter of his Road to Reboot series, which has been documenting the making of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot since day one. In this episode, we learn that there has to be a wildlife specialist on the set to make sure that no gators or snakes end up as unintended extras. The specialist removes the animal from the set and then places it exactly where he found it after production wraps for the day. Smith also documented having to battle against the weather in New Orleans, but he isn’t complaining at all. You can check out the Chris Jericho cameo announcement and the latest episode of Road to Reboot below, thanks to Kevin Smith’s Instagram account.

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