Star Wars fan-film Birth of a Monster gives us an excellent origin story

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Fan-films have been a part of the STAR WARS franchise almost since the very beginning, and with a universe full of amazing worlds and fantastic characters, it’s not all that hard to guess why fans want to tell their own little piece of the story. There have been some truly exceptional STAR WARS fan-films over the years as Lucasfilm has typically been very accepting of the practice, and thanks to the folks at Escape Velocity Content, we’ve got another excellent addition to the list.

BIRTH OF A MONSTER: A STAR WARS STORY tells a unique tale of discovery and friendship surrounding a mysterious young boy and his loyal droid on the desert planet of Tatooine. What they discover will shape future generations in their galaxy. If I said anything more, I’d likely be spoiling the experience, but BIRTH OF A MONSTER does offer some intriguing connections to the Original Trilogy which makes it well worth your time.

Based on an original story and directed by Tim Martin with a screenplay written by Ian Eskander, BIRTH OF A MONSTER grew out of Martin’s desire to make a movie with his son. “At its core, this was always about capturing the heart of the original films but more importantly sharing that love from one generation to another,” reads a statement on the official site. Tantalizingly, the site also states that BIRTH OF A MONSTER is intended to be the first in a series of fan-made short films which will take place in the Star Wars universe. After reaching out to producer Alec Eskander, he confirmed that they have several different original stories which will tie in to the Original Trilogy which he anticipates will be produced over the next few years in between other projects. I know I’ll certainly be checking out whatever this team produces next.

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