Doom, death cover Winterfell in bleak Game of Thrones spot

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The final season of GAME OF THRONES starts next Sunday, and the trailers so far have relied heavily on the Battle of Winterfell, wherein many of our favorite characters from the series will square off against the army of the dead. All of us have hope that those who lead the charge will win the day, and that maybe even one of them will sit atop the Iron Throne and win the Game of Thrones for good and all. However, the new TV spot for the upcoming final season teases that perhaps doom is all that will be served up at Winterfell and that there won’t be enough tissues in the world to help us get through the loss of some of our favorite characters.

The teaser is a dialogue-less Easter egg hunt across a snow-covered Winterfell (I mean, more than usual), with nothing but destruction in every frame. In certain shots, we see key items belonging to characters that no doubt fell during the fight, such as Jaime Lannister’s golden hand, Arya Stark’s sword (Needle), and even Bran Stark’s wheelchair (Mr. Wheels). The real kicker is when Jon Snow’s sword (Longclaw) lies smack dab in the middle of the snow, with the Night King himself entering through the gates of the castle. Yeah, it’s f**king bleak.

All of the previews have teased the events that go on in the North, like Daenerys’ army coming to Winterfell and the characters gearing up for battle and drama. There have been small glimpses and moments with Cersei in the South, and Euron Greyjoy bringing back the Golden Company on his ships, but what’s perfect about this marketing strategy is you need no more than the Winterfell section to get pumped. The prospect of doom, battles and overall finality will sell this, and all the other elements across the final season can remain unteased, and therefore a welcome surprise.

While I don’t think the show will end the way this spot foreshadows, I honestly wouldn’t be shocked of something along those lines does indeed happen. This isn’t a show that’s set up for a happy ending, and maybe there is nothing but death awaiting many of the main characters. Some certainly deserve it, and plenty don’t, so we will see just how far things go starting next Sunday, April 14.