Vera Farmiga says Conjuring 3 will be “a doozy”

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The cinematic universe built around the CONJURING movies has thrived with successful entries like THE NUN and ANNABELLE: CREATION, but the flagship series will always be the main CONJURING movies that tie everything together. The Warrens, Ed and Lorraine played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, will make appearances in this year’s ANNABELLE COMES HOME while audiences have to wait well over another year for their next solo ghostly outing. Farmiga says the next movie will be worth the wait, though, hinting that audiences should prepare themselves for what will be a “massive” threequel.

While on the set of ANNABELLE COMES HOME, EW was able to speak with Farmiga about getting to come back once again as Lorraine Warren for the movie’s opening sequence. “Of course, any day to pal around with this guy and goof around on set is a good day for me,” she said of working with Wilson again.

What’s more, the role acts as a bit of a warm-up for her full return to the character in next year’s THE CONJURING 3, which she teases will be bigger than anything we’ve seen from the universe before.

“Conjuring 3 is coming, and it will be a doozy. It will be big. So for me, visiting these characters [in Annabelle Comes Home], it’s like practicing your scales and doing a few arpeggios before having to dive deep into the next one. Because the next one is massive.”

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The previous two movies covered haunted house cases investigated by the Warrens during their paranormal hunting days, and both were directed by James Wan. But the director will be stepping away from the chair this time, handing the reigns over to Michael Chaves (THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA). Wan confirmed some plot details for THE CONJURING 3 well over a year ago, saying it will focus on a trial where the defendant uses possession as a reason for committing crimes they’re accused of. Wan spoke about how where the spinoff movies allow for some weird fun, the CONJURING movies are the mothership of the series, and it’s there “we want it to come back to the real stuff,” he said.

THE CONJURING is due for theaters in September 2020, and be sure to check out our own set visit coverage of ANNABELLE COMES HOME here!

Source: EW